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Citation and Abstract
The psychologist as novelist.
Moreno, J. Kelly
Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, Vol 37(2), Apr 2006, 210-214.
Exacting change in patients, students, supervisees, and other parties need not be limited to the classroom, consulting room, self-help books, or psychological texts. Authors may also educate and impact others through fiction. Specifically, the literary or commercial novel affords psychologists the opportunity to enlighten, empower, or otherwise touch the lives of those not normally privy to our expertise. To be sure, some mental health professionals have made the leap into fiction, but psychologists have been slow to follow, especially when compared with other professions (e.g., law, medicine). This article invites psychologists to apply their knowledge of human behavior and facility with the written word to the modern novel. Steps for starting are itemized as is other information pertinent to persisting in the face of opposition and resistance. A case study briefly describing this author's journey is also offered. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)